What’s in a Pencil?

The world’s forests are suffering as much destruction as they can handle, and deforestation is causing climate change on our planet. For us at TheFirstGreenStore, we strive to save our forests by providing eco-alternatives for paper products and wooden stationeries like wooden pencils..

O’BON, an eco-conscious stationery brand, has the perfect solution for our Singapore consumer – the wood-free, recycled newspaper pencils available in a variety of stylish designs, like our Wildlife and Fruit Series.

Each O’BON pencil is made from old newspaper with a patented roll-on method that ensures that the lead in the pencil does not break easily. These pencils therefore last much longer than the wooden ones. Besides the material change, the O’BON pencils are available in vibrant designs: rainbows, bird feathers, turtle shells, tiger stripes, tropical fruits, etc. They are also available in the popular 2-piece pack in animal series, set of 9 or 10, as well as a 12-pack colour pencils.

These price-competitive, safe, innovative products are environmentally friendly, providing the consumer a sustainable alternative and an opportunity to do their bit in saving our planet.

For wholesale orders, please email us at info@thefirstgreenstore.com. For gift packs, or individual packs, browse our stationery section by clicking here.evolution of pencil